Sunday January 7th                          Mrs Martin/Mrs Hamblett
Sunday January 21st                         Mrs Wiegand/Mrs Smith

Sunday February 4th                       Mrs Farr/Mrs Birkett
Sunday February 18th                     Mrs Dundon/Mrs Hughes*

Sunday March 4th                            Mrs Martin/Mrs Hamblett*
Sunday March 18th                          MrsWiegand/Mrs Smith*

Sunday April 1st – Easter               Mrs Farr/Mrs Birkett***
Sunday April 15th                              Mrs Dundon/Mrs Hughes

Sunday May 6th                                Mrs Martin/Mrs Hamblett
Sunday May 20th                              Mrs Wiegand/Mrs Smith

Sunday June 3rd                                Mrs Farr/Mrs Birkett
Sunday June 17th                              Mrs Dundon/Mrs Hughes

Sunday July 1st                                   Mrs Martin/Mrs Hamblett
Sunday July 16th                                Mrs Wiegand/Mrs Smith

Sunday August 5th                            Mrs Farr/Mrs Birkett
Sunday August 19th                          Mrs Dundon/Mrs Hughes

Sunday September 2nd                   Mrs Martin/Mrs Hamblett
Sunday September 16th                  Mrs Wiegand/Mrs Smith
Sunday September 23rd                  Harvest Festival*** (to be confirmed)

Sunday October 7th                           Mrs Farr/Mrs Birkett
Sunday October 21st                          Mrs Dundon/Mrs Hughes

Sunday November 4th                      Mrs Martin/Mrs Hamblett
Sunday November 11th                     Remembrance Sunday***
Sunday November 18th                    Mrs Wiegand/Mrs Smith

Sunday December 2nd                      Mrs Farr/Mrs Birkett **
Sunday December 9th/16th            Carol Service*** (date to be confirmed)
Sunday December 16th                     Mrs Dundon/Mrs Hughes

* Lent – No Flowers  ** Advent – No Flowers *** All help appreciated for these Festival dates