In 1991 the lead covering and timber structure of the roof on the tower were renewed. A new access ladder was also made for the tower.  The West window of the tower was re-glazed and the whole tower re-pointed.  It was also at this time that the old oak frame for the bell was renewed, the bell was taken away for a new clapper and then re-hung on new fixings. Various plaster work was carried out inside the church and a new wall safe was installed.
Scan_20170817 (2)
In 1992 a new cast iron downpipe was put on the tower.
In 1993 the slate sun dial, previously on the south wall of the tower was re-fixed to the south wall of the transept and a new gnomon fitted.  The floor in the bottom of the tower was raised to the same level as the vestry, new cupboards were also fitted in the old door entrance and a sink unit was installed.  Wooden screens to the storage and robbing area were installed.  Some re-pointing was also done to the South and North wall.
It was also this year that churchwardens staves were donated to the church.
In 1994 the church was completely rewired and new lighting installed.
In 1995 the Lych Gate gates were repaired and re-hung and the coffin rest was repaired.  The Lych Gate had all the ivy removed. Some panes in the windows were repaired and a new carpet was laid.
In 1997 the interior of the church was redecorated and an oak board listing the rectors was erected.  Minor repairs were also carried out on the porch roof.