Parish Events for February 2019

Every Monday 7.30 pm
Table Tennis Club.  All welcome.

Wednesday 6th February 7 pm
Parish Council meeting in the Reading Room.

Saturday 9th February 11 am
The Parish Council invite you to a Parish Meeting in the Reading Room.  An open discussion to formulate an emergency plan for our Parish.  All Welcome.  Refreshments available.

Rectors of Ruan Lanihorne

In 2018 with the end of the First World War exhibition, research started on the Rectors of Ruan Lanihorne.

Starting with the list of rectors on the board by the font, an extensive search was made of various church websites and books.  Relatives of more recent rectors were contacted and locals quizzed.

From all the information gathered it was possible to put together this exhibition.

The exhibition will be in the church from January 2019 for a year.

Finally a big thank you to all those that helped with information, especially the various family members for their help and contribution.

Tomb Restoration 4

After the mammoth task of rebuilding the Daw tomb we moved on to the tombs of the Peter family.  The   tombs are next to the Luke vault in the North corner of the churchyard.  The first (railed) tomb contains the Reverend John Peter, Rector of Grade & Ruan Minor 12th November 1852, his wife Mary 3rd March 1867, daughter Sarah Hitchens 4th January 1832, daughter Mary 4th January 1832, daughter Martha Franklen 1st August 1885 and son Reverend Lewis Morgan Peter, Rector of Ruan Lanihorne & Vicar of Cornelly 30th March 1895.  The next grave contains John Luke Peter 20th November 1900 (second son of the Reverend John Peter) and his daughter Mary Wilmot Peter 8th December 1859.

The Peter family lived at Treviles.  The Reverend John Peter inherited Treviles in 1822 from his father Robert Peter, Rector of Sully in Glamorganshire, who had previously inherited it from his cousin Ann Luke.  The census shows us that only Mary and the children lived at Treviles while John lived at the vicarage at Grade.  On the death of John Peter in 1852, Treviles passed to his eldest son the Reverend Lewis Morgan and as he never married, on his death Treviles went to his brother John Luke Peter.  John Luke Peter may have lived at Treviles for a short while after his brothers’ death.


The first tomb is surrounded by iron railings.  It has granite boarders sitting on low stone walls.  From the outside boarders is a sloping stone leading to two flat rectangular headstones with inscriptions.  On top of these is a stone cross.  On the south side the top of a brick arch can be seen in the low wall and it is guessed that originally there were steps going down into the ground to give access to the tomb.

Peter Mary Wilmot

The second grave has granite boarders with granite slabs inset.  The granite end once had a stone cross on it which now lies broken on top of the granite slabs.  There are inscriptions on the granite end and on one of the boarders.

We started on the railed tomb as this was going to be the easier of the two.  The vegetation that had been growing on it had been given several doses of weed killer previously and the brambles and ivy on the top had died nicely.  The ivy on the sides was still persisting in places so another dose of weed killer was needed.  We hadn’t planned to paint the railings but with the Luke vault next door looking so good with its’ newly painted railings we decided to do the same.  The first job to be done was to rub them down with a wire brush to remove all the rust.  David had to do the inside as I couldn’t fit through the gap in the railings (perhaps it’s time for a diet).  Once this was finished we gave them a coat of black paint.  The two small trees that were growing in the wall and top were persistently putting up new growth but after a good dose of stump killer we hope this has now killed them off.  To give the weed killer time to work we moved to the restoration of the grave of Mary Wilmot Peter.

The first thing to do was to gently move the side granites slightly away so allowing us room to correct the height of the middle slabs and push them back together.  We then pushed the side granites back into their correct position.  The next thing to do was to bring the head end back up to the grave (it had previously fell down the slope and for safety reasons we had propped it upright where it had fallen).  This stone is extremely heavy and it took several moves to eventually get it back to the correct height and position.

The granite stones between the grave and the railed tomb had also been pushed and broken by trees, so we careful took these up, removed the stumps and relaid them flat.

With everything in place, we started to lime mortar the grave and then the granite path.


Now that this was complete we returned to the railed tomb.  The stump and root on the top was careful reduced so that mortar could be put in.  The gaps in the granite were all filled and then we started to mortar the sides.  The tree growing in the side had still not died, so we gave it another dose of stump killer and waited.  It is now showing no signs of life and we hope to finish mortaring the sides soon.


Thank You

The PCC and churchwardens would like to say a big thank you to all those that have helped decorate or clean the church, mow the grass in the churchyard or strim around the headstones, throughout the year. We very much appreciate what you all do to help keep our church and churchyard looking beautiful.

We would also like to thank all those that have supported the church by attending the various fund raising events throughout the year. Without your support we could not continue to maintain and keep the church open.

To our regular congregation, God bless and see you in the New Year.

We wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.

Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols.

Thanks to all those that attended our service last night. We had a full church with people in the transept as well. It was also nice to see so many children and youngsters. After the service people stayed for a glass of mulled wine, a mince pie and a chat. A good time was had.
Thanks also to Louise, Pat and Carol for decorating the church and David for the lighting outside.


Sunday January 6th                               Mrs Martin/Ms Gillespie
Sunday January 20th                            Mrs Wiegand/Mrs Smith

Sunday February 3rd                            Mrs Farr/Mrs Birkett
Sunday February 17th                          Mrs Dundon/Mrs Hughes

Sunday March 3rd                                 Mrs Martin/Ms Gillespie
Sunday March 17th                               Mrs Wiegand/Mrs Smith*

Sunday April 7th                                    Mrs Farr/Mrs Birkett *
Sunday April 21st – Easter Day        Mrs Dundon/Mrs Hughes***

Sunday May 5th                                     Mrs Martin/Ms Gillespie
Sunday May 19th                                   Mrs Wiegand/Mrs Smith

Sunday June 2nd                                    Mrs Farr/Mrs Birkett
Sunday June 16th                                   Mrs Dundon/Mrs Hughes

Sunday July 7th                                       Mrs Martin/Ms Gillespie
Sunday July 21st                                     Mrs Wiegand/Mrs Smith

Sunday August 4th                                Mrs Farr/Mrs Birkett
Sunday August 18th                              Mrs Dundon/Mrs Hughes

Sunday September 1st                          Mrs Martin/Ms Gillespie
Sunday September 15th                       Mrs Wiegand/Mrs Smith

Sunday October 6th                               Mrs Dundon/Mrs Hughes
Sunday October 20th                             Mrs Farr/Mrs Birkett

Sunday November 3rd                          Mrs Martin/Ms Gillespie
Sunday November 17th                        Mrs Wiegand/Mrs Smith

Sunday December 1st                           Mrs Farr/Mrs Birkett**
Sunday December 15th                        Mrs Dundon/Mrs Hughes**
Sunday December 22nd                      Carol Service – to be confirmed***

* Lent – No Flowers  ** Advent – No Flowers *** All help appreciated for these Festival dates

Parish Events for December 2018

Every Monday 7.30 pm
Table Tennis Club.  All welcome.

Wednesday 5th December 7 pm
Parish Council meeting in the Reading Room.

Saturday 8th December 3 pm to 5 pm
Christmas Afternoon Tea
Ruan Social Group invite all parishioners to join them for Christmas Afternoon Tea.  Admission by donation.

Sunday 23rd December 6 pm
Festival of Nine Lessons & Carols in St Rumon’s Church.
Come and join us for a very enjoyable evening, followed by mince pies and punch.

What’s On December 2018

Monday 3rd soup lunch Portloe 12.30 pm
Tuesday 4th Veryan WI Centenary lunch
Tuesday 4th Ringing practice Veryan 7.30 pm
Sunday 9th Veryan school PFA Chrstmas Fair from 2.30 pm
Wednesday 12th Old Cornwall Society, Gerrans, 7.30pm
Thursday 13th Veryan Parish Hall Christmas afternoon
Sunday 16th Veryan church carol service 6 pm
Tuesday 18th Veryan School Christmas service, Veryan church 7-8 pm
Thursday 20th Portloe Celebration of Christmas 7pm
Sunday 23rd Ruan church carol service 6 pm

Centenary Remembrance Service

Thank you to those that attended our Centenary Remembrance Service.

The memorials had been decorated with three flags:- White ensign, Red Ensign and the Union Flag.  In front of this a vase containing paper poppies bearing the name of each deceased was accompanied by a few white flowers.

Reverend Marian Bond started the service by explaining that there were five extra names in the booklet to what is displayed on the memorials.  Four of these were relatives of current parishioners and the fifth was a young Canadian RAF pilot who died when he crashed his Spitfire into the Rectory field.

After the names of the fallen were read and the Exhortation done, wreaths were laid by the chairman of the Parish Council, Mr David Giles, and by the churchwarden,  then the church bell was rung eleven times and followed by two minutes silence.

The Reverend gave a very moving sermon, telling us about how her father never spoke about his time in WWI.  It was not until many years later that her mother told her about her fathers ordeal and the constant nightmares he suffered.  She reminded us about Edith Cavall, a nurse who was shot by the Germans.  Edith had helped both British and German soldiers.  There was also a brief history of the four men on the WWI memorial.

A list of the men and women who served in both wars but returned was also read out, followed by current parishioners relatives.

A collection for SSAFA and Help for heroes raised £120.

The exhibition on the First World War will remain in the church until the end of November.

Rembrance Service 2018