In 2010 new cast iron guttering was erected on the north side of the church.
In 2011 the church was left a bequest by Flora Phillips, a regular church attendee which helped towards various repairs.  This year also saw the installation of four electric heaters and new low level flood lights in the ceiling.
In 2012 Mr Endacott, a stained glass expert, carefully removed the first window panes.  These were taken away so that he could renew the lead and clean the glass.  The window was boarded up with plywood while the work was done.  Work carried on over several years.
In 2013 another Quinquennial Inspection Report highlighted that there was still a considerable amount of work that urgently needed doing.  It was also this year that saw a large bequest from Claudia Critchley (her husband had once been a churchwarden of the church).
The roof was the most urgent work that needed to be done but while talks continued regarding the slate, other work was started in the church.
In 2014 the carpenter (Neil) started replacing rotten floor beams and floorboards.  The worst area was in the North aisle where the boards dipped quite alarmingly when you walked on them. The outer entrance door to the porch was repaired, given a new coat of paint and new mesh. It was also this year that saw the final window being restored.
The chimney on the North aisle which had a very dangerous lean was careful taken down to roof height and rebuilt straight in the same year.  It was also in this year that a new notice board was bought and erected by the Lych Gate.
It was not until 2015 that the roofers arrived.  It had been agreed that the new Delabole slate was too heavy for the roof beams, so another sort had to be used.  The main aisles were striped first and any of the old slate that was re-useable was kept to one side.  These were eventually used on the South side of the main aisle, South Transept and porch, while the rest of the roof was covered in the new slate.  Most of the fleur de lis ridge tiles broke or disintegrated while being removed, with only a few being suitable to be re-used on the porch.  Recycled ones like those that had been on the North aisle were sourced for the rest of the roof.  Work on the roof eventually finished in 2016.
It was also 2015 when new pew cushions were purchased and much appreciated they were by the congregation.  Two new gates were erected in the newly reopened entrance in the lower churchyard.
In 2016 the builders (Michael and Danny) started re-pointing the wall of the North aisle.  They continued around the whole church eventually finishing in 2017.
The carpenter (Neil) also returned and other areas of dodgy floor were replaced (I’m not sure how the floor in the vestry stayed there as it was only dust holding the beams together).  He also repaired some of the pews.
A new alarm system was installed.
In early 2017 scaffolding was erected inside, so that work could start on the repairs to the ceilings.  A lot of the plaster had come down or cracked when the roof was done, this was repaired and then painted white.  While the scaffolding was up they also coated the woodwork in the ceiling with a special preservative.
New gravel was laid on the path from the Lych Gate to the porch.
In June 2017 a new carpet was laid in the main aisle and vestry.  Before the carpet could go down in the main aisle, four new metal plates were put in the floor over the old stove to replace the old grids.  The kneelers by the altar were also recovered.
Due to a wedding in July 2017 the scaffold came down and work had to stop on the ceiling, they still had to do the ceiling in the transept.  It was not until July 2018 that they returned and completed the work.  Various small patches of plaster that had come away during the work were re-plastered