1300’s – 1800’s

The North aisle was built onto the chapel.

In 1658 after a bad storm the tower collapsed on the chapel.  The chapel was restored between 1658 and 1664.
In 1669 the porch was repaired.
In 1675 the tower was repaired.

Between 1745 and 1777 when the Reverend Henchman was vicar the skylight and a small square window by the pulpit were installed.
In 1788 Reverend Whitaker had two of the three bells cast into one which bears his name.
In 1790 three windows were altered, two in the aisle and one in the chapel improving the light in the church.  Around this time the roof open to the rafters was enclosed, the Rood screen beam removed and the flight of stone steps, believed to go to the Rood loft, were blocked up.
In this century the raised platform in the chancel was removed, only leaving a small area by the altar and it is probable that the Rood screen was removed then as well.

In 1866 the roof was replaced and stone arches straightened.  Some of the roof beams were reused in the altar, font and pulpit.
In 1893 a new area was acquired just below the church for burials.